Challenges in Living a Pure Life

I want to start some discussion on our website & Twitter networks. Thought about this question as I was cutting the grass today: “What challenges do you find in living a pure life?”

I find one of the biggest difficulties for me is the media that surrounds me. From TV to movies to billboards in public — even ads on the Internet & on certain apps you download on your phone! It’s almost as if sexual impurity comes after us even when we’re not pursuing it!

Join the conversation! I’d love to know your thoughts on what you think are some of the biggest challenges to living a pure life.


One thought on “Challenges in Living a Pure Life

  1. Trying to sift through appropriate forms of visual entertainment that doesn’t stir me up. Watching certain things no matter how briefly has its way of bringing about a side of me that I’ve been working to change for the better. I’m constantly being bombarded by these things and they come mostly when I’m not consciously looking for them.

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