The Process of Becoming Whole

As a Christian, one of the things that I’ve learned is that the process of becoming whole is laid with many challenges — and many more rewards.  I’m not talking about being saved — that final act of redemption that took place on the cross where Jesus died to redeem us.  The act of redemption has & continues to be done in my life day in & day out.

I suppose I’m talking about the purifying, sanctifying process.  Becoming whole. Becoming the man that God wants me to be, the husband God want me to be, the minister that God wants me to be. And, one day, I pray, the father that God wants me to be.  I can’t tell you through the last 14 years, mostly through the last 3 years, how difficult its felt at different times. Even as I write this today, I’m over 3 years into recovery from a sexual addiction & I continue to feel the pull of the Spirit of God in my life. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a cleansing process. I’m becoming whole.

I have no illusions that I will somehow reach perfection here on earth in this life. I know that is not possible. I suppose at different moments of my life, I feel a yearning, a groaning to reach that complete healing & wholeness. The PROCESS is what I’m learning to value. Some days I love it. And some days I hate it. I want to learn to love it every day. I often try & think about Psalm 19:14 & dwell on it daily. I care about what my heart meditates on, what my thoughts go to, & what I say with my words. I want them to be pleasing to God. And yet, I know they aren’t always.

The process of becoming whole is painful. But I can feel myself slowly releasing control of it: Questioning myself of every thought, every motive, every detail. I’m trying to lean upon God’s grace (which I wrote about recently).  So what are these ramblings supposed to mean to those who read them?

  • Healing is possible for the broken & hurting places of your life.
  • There is hope available to you today to become a different person.
  • Salvation is instantaneous, where healing & wholeness is a process.

What you & I must understand is that these things are not possible through us alone. It’s only through Jesus & the help of other people who love Jesus.


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