Candid thoughts about Steubenville

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Escape From Porn

Lately I can’t help but frame all of the news from my “recovery perspective”.  The news from Steubenville has been no exception.  I almost passed up on this commentary realizing that alcohol seemed to also play a major factor.  It seems however, as though you can hardly turn on the news these days without hearing of yet another crime committed by “boys behaving badly”.  Sexual crimes in this country seem to be escalating at a fevered pitch….and getting younger and more graphic with each new story.

It seems to be a given that our young men in this country are being exposed to pornography at a younger and younger age.  I’m not just talking about the paper pinups of my youth.  Today’s kids have seen hard core sex of every variety by the time most of them have even hit puberty.  I wholeheartedly buy into the research that shows that…

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