Dealing with Grief & Pain

(Originally written May 14, 2011 – Taken from my journal)

Last night, Tracey & I watched a movie called “Rabbit Hole” starring Nicole Kidman & Aaron Eckhart along with some other pretty well known stars. Essentially, the story is about a husband & wife who must cope with dealing with the loss of their young son. It chronicles an honest & emotional journey of how two people deal with grief & pain. I was especially impressed with the movie because I felt like it was just plain real. Grief is not sugar coated & there are no easy, quick answers given to the couple in the movie as to why this tragic thing happened to them in life. Definitely a movie you should check out.

I suppose I wrote this not necessarily as a movie review, but as I was thinking about this idea of how different people deal with grief, I think one of the greatest things that I gained from the movie is that healing looks different for every single individual. If you watch the movie, you’ll find this couple deals with grief in some very different ways — but they are ways in which bring them together as a couple and not apart. After watching a movie like this, you’ll probably be asking yourself the same thing I’m asking myself: “How do I deal with great pain?” “Who or where do I find healing from when I’m hurt?” These are serious questions — especially in the light of the fact that we all go through trials & hard times in life. Someone once told me that you’re never truly in the clear. You’re either about to walk into a trial, about to walk through a trial, or about to walk out of a trial. Which one is it for you?

– Frank


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