Top 7 Sexual Addiction Resources

ImageI wanted to gather a bunch of really great websites that are helping men & women find freedom & healing from sexual addictions. All of the following websites have a TON of free content, blogs, podcasts, & resources to help you pursue purity in your own life…

  1. — Jeff Fisher is a really great friend of mine with a serious passion to help individuals chase after purity.  Jeff offers lots of free podcasts & blogs on his site.
  2. — An incredible ministry that is helping educate people on the dangers of pornography. They have very thorough statistical information you can check out as well as a pledge you can sign to be a person who stands for purity.
  3. — Covenant Eyes is an internet filtering & accountability software for your computer. They also offer great information & blogs to help you live a life of sexual purity.
  4. — This website offers completely free online courses that you can take to help you in your recovery & journey for sexual purity.
  5. — Statistics, information, & daily devotionals all centered around sexual purity.  Make sure you type the domain name correctly!! 😉
  6. — XXX Church has been around for a really long time. Their mission is to help porn stars come to know Jesus as well as helping those within the church who struggle with porn addiction. Blogs & resources for men, women, teens, & even pastors!
  7. — The site you’re on! We offer helpful podcasts, blogs, & other great content to help you live a pure life! Take some time to check out all the content on our site.

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