Guest Post: “Erections Don’t Have To Be Acted On”

MenOfPurityRecently, I read a great blog post from my friend Jeff Fisher over at  This one definitely caught my eye. But there’s some great practical wisdom for us men in this post. Great job Jeff! Enjoy!!

One of the lies we guys can believe is:  If I have an erection I need to use it.

We can get into such a habit of masturbating and acting out sexually, that it almost becomes automatic.  Whether it’s an arousal that happens in public or when you wake up in the morning, we condition ourselves to act out every time it happens.

Truth – An erection is a natural part of our body’s physiology.  It happens, whether we want it to or not. It happens a lot in our younger years and less when we are older.  God made men this way.

Truth – I will not explode down there if I don’t have an orgasm.  It may hurt for a while.  I may go through withdrawals.  But the arousal subsides.  It will pass.

My lustful mind added a lot of fuel to my body.  When I was looking at sexual content on the computer, in magazines, in movies, in newspapers I was aroused more often.  When I allowed my mind to go wild with fantasies, of course it would affect my body.

  • Cut out sexual content.
  • Find safe men / counselors to talk with about your sexual struggles.
  • Fill your mind and day with healthy thoughts and activities.  Meditate on the right things.  Do the right things.

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