Pastor, the Pornography Discussion Starts with You!

preaching-about-porn_580-0I loved this post from Covenant Eyes that I read today.  Pastors: You have the responsibility to help the men in your church confront and deal with issues of sexual integrity. PLEASE don’t click out of this post, but read it closely! Here’s a snippet:

“I want to speak to you pastor-to-pastor. You are the key to helping the men in your church break free and stay free from the chains of viewing pornography.

God has given us the highest privilege through our calling and position to speak blessing, encouragement, and freedom into the men we lead. Those men are battling the most dangerous, destructive temptation they have ever experienced. I promise you that every man in your church is in some way affected by pornography, either personally or with someone they know.

In a survey conducted by Lifeway Christian Resources, it was revealed that 62% of pastors believe that 10% or less of the men in their churches are struggling with pornography. But other studies prove these pastors wrong:

Among young men today, 65-70% admit to viewing porn multiple times a month or on a weekly basis. Over 30% of young women say they also look at porn. One study showed that those who identify themselves as “fundamentalists” are 91%more likel to look at porn. More than 90% of boys and 60% of girls see porn before they turn 18.”

You can read the rest of the post here.


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