Why Don’t Pastors Preach About Pornography?

crowd.preachingRecently, I came across this really great post that I think every pastor should read.  I think pastors have a great responsibility to teach their congregations about sexual purity & also what the Bible speaks to it.  Here’s a little from the post:

With so many serious problems infecting society through pornography, why don’t pastors preach about it more often? Or ever? I’ve been at my church for several years now and not once have I heard a sermon on pornography; we’re lucky to get one sentence about pornography during a sermon on divorce. If you have been a regular church attendee for any length of time you’ve probably heard dozens of sermons on forgiveness, tithing, gossip, faith, David, Abraham, and (enter your pastor’s soap-box topic here). Yet how often is a divorce caused by a misunderstanding of the story of Abraham? How often are children sexually abused because of gossip?

Why isn’t the church talking more about this subject? I don’t know, but here are my best guesses as to why pastors don’t preach about pornography:

  1. They use pornography. As noted above, a certain percentage of pastors use pornography. For this group, perhaps, preaching about pornography is simply too personally convicting and hypocritical. Rather than preach about pornography (and confront their own sin in the process) they live in denial like all other pornography addicts.

To read the rest of this post, go here.


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