In Love or In Lust?

3642875858_9453c0f3f7-300x146Love these thoughts about love and lust from Chad Missildine of

Are you in love or in lust? Here are some differences between the two:

Lust says, “I need.” Love says, “I will.”

Lust is deceptive and misleading. Love is open and trust-building.

Lust wants what it can’t or shouldn’t have. Love values giving over receiving.

Lust craves what it does not possess. Love respects that which has been entrusted.

Lust never satisfies, leading to death in the end. Love never quits, leading to life.

Lust ultimately centers itself in pride. Love is centered in selflessness.

Lust builds wounds and scars that take a lifetime to heal. Love builds strength and life, often healing the scars of others.

Lust implies perfection. Love rests in imperfection.

Lust has no room for mercy. Love makes room for forgiveness.

Why do we often get love mixed up with lust??


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