Our Sexual Identity

231554577_640by Frank Honess

I’ll get straight to the point: Our sexual identities matter! Being a follower of Jesus Christ & adhering in God’s Word, I see not only references to husbands & wives in the Bible, but I see an example laid out in Genesis 2 that God designed marriage to be between a man & a woman. So here we have specific commmands to husbands & wives & also a major example of what marriage was intended to look like.

One of the greatest passions I have in life is to help those who struggle with sexual addictions — to things like pornography, fantasy, masturbation, homosexuality, adulterous affairs, & the list goes on & on. And so I write from having a burden for those people who are sexually broken & sexually confused.

With all of the talk about President Obama supporting gay marriage, there’s been a growing & FIERCE conversation brewing on what marriage really looks like. God’s Word gives us that example. And when it really comes down to issues like homosexuality, it all boils down to deep confusion about their own sexuality. It’s what a friend of mine calls an “intimacy disorder”: when we attempt to meet deep emotional needs through sexual means. This includes pornography, fantasy, masturbation, & chasing after men or women.

God cares about our sexual integrity & health. He didn’t create us to indulge in our sinfulness & our cravings. All of these things lead to more emptiness & the inability to truly be the men & women that God wants us to become.


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