Eyes Full of Adultery: Getting Serious About Lust

Eyes-full-of-adulteryby Steve Etner

You’re at the checkout lane of your local department store. The gal behind the register rang up the last item and tells you the total. As you reach for your credit card, she bends over to grab a bag for your merchandise. Her top falls open and you have the perfect view—so your eyes lock on and begin to feast.

Question: at that moment, would you reach across the conveyor belt and slip your hand down her top? Seriously now, would you? Of course not. Why not? Because it’s wrong—right?

What about when you’re at the beach and a couple of young bombshells walk past your blanket? It certainly can’t hurt to appreciate their beauty, can it? After all, it’s not my fault they’re so poorly dressed! It’s just a harmless glance. Who’s it hurting? It’s not like I’m hopping in bed with them!

When you’re checking out the photo album of a friend on Facebook, and they’ve posted a picture of themselves in a skimpy bathing suit, or you’re lingering over the underwear section of the department store catalog that comes in the mail—is that wrong? What about when you walk by the Victoria’s Secret store in the mall? You can’t be held responsible for what you see, can you?

Jesus said: “Everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). Stop! Before you read any more, read that verse again. Now read it one more time. Would you consider Jesus to be a reasonably reliable source on this subject? Do you think that maybe, just maybe we ought to listen to him and take this seriously?

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