How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex – FREE Webinar March 4th

o-PARENTS-KIDS-TALK-facebookOne thing as a parent I have learned is this … I don’t have all the answers. Kids ask all sorts of things and present us with a wide variety of situations that each requires a unique response. Sometimes I am ready to handle these moments. Sometimes not so much.

One area I find that parents especially struggle with is dilemmas or questions related to sexual matters. Most parents have all sorts of questions and often feel like they have very few answers. Here’s some that you might have had yourself:

  • When should I talk to my kids about sex?
  • When I give the “birds and bees” talk do I use those terms or other cutesy names like “pee-pee” or “wee-wee” or do I hit them with words like “penis” and “vagina?”
  • Does my eight year old really need to learn about oral sex or sexting and, if not, when do I talk to them about it?
  • Should dad talk to the boys and mom the girl or does it really matter?
  • What if I’ve mad lots of mistakes sexually speaking … do I talk about that or pretend like it never happened?
  • My son uses his penis as a lightsaber … is that ok or does he need intervention?
  • And the list goes on …

Well, just yesterday we hosted our first live webinar called 5 Proven Ways To Overcome Pornography (You can view it here if you want). We had over 4,000 people watch it. It was a huge success and it taught us something. Our audience has lot of questions.

So, we are going to do another webinar on March 4th but this one is for you parents (or someday parents). The topic of this FREE webinar is How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex. This is a must watch for all of you parents who need answers. We’ll do our best to cover as much ground as possible and maybe we’ll even answer the lightsaber question.

If you are a parent or someday plan on being one DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Register here to watch the webinar and if you can’t make it that’s ok. We’ll send you the video after it’s done.

You need answers. Your kids do too.

Sign up today for this FREE webinar and get a solid plan for talking to your children about sex.

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