Episode 100: How Sex Addiction Can Destroy Your Marriage

IMG_68652WE MADE IT TO 100!! This week, I talk with my wife, Tracey Honess, about the pain that she as my spouse walked through as I struggled with a pornography addiction which greatly inhabited the first year of our marriage. Tracey shares her feelings about our story and where God has brought her as well as gives some great advice to wives who are hurting from their husband’s sex addiction. This is one you don’t want to miss!




One thought on “Episode 100: How Sex Addiction Can Destroy Your Marriage

  1. So blessed to hear your podcast … especially having walked through the same valley of the shadow of death as both of you walked through … and PTL for His mercy and grace in your walk and healing. Now, Elly and I are also in a place to work with men/women and couples in doing all we can to be used by God’s Spirit to bring about similar healing. Thanks to both of you for your transparency and sharing honest … It was obvious to hear your joy in the podcast. Blessings from an older couple moving toward our 50th year together in marriage. Bill (for Elly) Berry of Battle Plan Ministries ( http://battleplanministries.org )

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